Strikethrough Edition – Starting Strength Weekly Report August 7, 2023

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August 07, 2023

Strikethrough Edition

On Starting Strength

  • TLDR, Dune, and Starr Squat Technique – Rip answers questions from Starting Strength Network subscribers and fans.
  • Making Jumbo Shrimp – Ethan, aka “Shrimp,” started a novice linear progression to prepare for his first Muay Thai fight and not only added weight to the bar, he gained 40 pounds, better posture, and more confidence.
  • Wrestler, Mom, Coach, Maxine Lisot – Ray Gillenwater talks to Starting Strength Plano Coach Maxine Lisot about being the fastest to finish the prep course, coaching girls wresting, her martial arts background, and how important barbell training is for female athletes.
  • The Squat: Hips are the Key by Mark Rippetoe – We have always taught the squat as a “hips” exercise – it was presented that way in the Blue Book, because this approach trains more…
  • A Strength Coach: More Than Just Cues by Carl Raghavan – Being a strength coach is much more than simply shouting “Knees out!” As SSC Shelley Wells told me: “We are more than just cues.”
  • Weekend Archives: Training the Emergency Weight Loss Trainee by Andy Baker – It may surprise some of you to hear a Starting Strength Coach make the declaration that training for strength is not always the primary objective of every trainee’s program…
  • Weekend Archives: One of the Most Underrated Strength Exercises You Can Do by Mark Rippetoe – The deadlift is a very simple exercise that basically involves picking a barbell up off the ground and setting it back down. It’s a bit more involved than that…

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Best of the Week

BPH and The Busch Center


There are no words to express my gratitude for your podcast with Joe Busch, MD, last year. As luck would have it, his clinic (The Busch Center) in Alpharetta, GA, is about 10 mi from me, and this past Tuesday he treated me for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). I cannot say enough about Dr. Busch and his staff. They were wonderful. I’m in recovery mode now – taking lots of drugs and supplements, drinking lots of water, icing, compression socks, catheter in place for two weeks, etc., etc.

I’m now 72, but I started having issues with frequent urination when I was around 54. However, at the time, I did not have the presence of mind to speak to my doctor about it, and therefore, I just lived with it.

Three weeks ago on the morning of July 4, around 1am, I was hit by a freight train, so to speak. I could not urinate; and the days and nights since then, leading up to my treatment with Dr. Busch this week were, hands down, the most miserable days of my life – three trips to the ER (one in an ambulance), one trip to a urologist, three visits with nurse practitioners, and four…FOUR…catheter insertions. To say my urethra was abused and angry does not scratch the surface, and I was given morphine before the fourth insertion – it didn’t really help.

I’m leaving out the details for now, but I welcome any questions and will share any info that might be helpful to others facing this.

Mark Rippetoe

I’ve heard from other people about how much they appreciate Joe and his staff. Glad we could help.

Best of the Forum

Can you break your leg during a squat?


I came across the story of an athletic 36-year-old snapping his femur during a squat at the gym. Is this possible? (Yes, he is a vegan.)

A bit of Googling turns up the story and video of Yaroslav Radashkevich snapping his (tibula/fibula?) during a squat in 2019. That appears to be at a meet though, lifting 250kg, and judging by this story I think that he may have fractured it a couple of weeks before.

“Radashkevich had been suffering with a leg injury for weeks before the event, telling Russian news site Amur: “It turns out that two weeks ago my leg began to hurt badly. I thought that it was just pulled, so I did not pay attention, I just had painkillers, trained, prepared. I was also advised it would pass by itself, heal.”

Mark Rippetoe

I have never heard of a femoral fracture during a squat. It does not happen under our training, for obvious reasons. Might be entertaining to hear the circumstances of this one. Bone cancer?


You kinda answered your own question there, didn’t you? He was squatting on an already broken bone.

Mark Rippetoe

Two different guys, two different fractures. Read it again.

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